La Table de l’Ermitage - Team

Chef & Team 

Filipe Silvestre 


After gracing the finest starred establishments with his skills, our chef, Filipe Silvestre, came to the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel to take up a new challenge at La Table de l'Ermitage.

This passionate chef, assisted by Jordan Le Cunff, brings out the full flavours of the local produce and offers unique and innovative dishes. Throughout the seasons, you can find his signature dishes on the menu, each made with the flagship ingredients of the region, such as Cancale oysters, pre-salted lamb, scallops and the famous Breton blue lobster.

Marco Moncalvo


Awaken your taste buds with the delicacies of our chef pâtissier, Marco Moncalvo.

Hailing from Turin in Italy, he brings originality to his desserts with a wealth of subtle, delicious and well-balanced flavours.

His irresistible delicacies will be your source of indulgent pleasures during a break or to conclude a meal in fine style.

A dynamic team supports the chef

L'Ermitage has a young and dynamic team working in the dining room and in the kitchen alongside our chef, Filipe Silvestre. They contribute hugely both to welcoming diners with enthusiasm and to ensuring that they can enjoy exquisite dishes. Werner Behra, director and owner, along with the chef, ensures that everything is in place so that diners can enjoy their gourmet delights to the utmost.

Director Werner Behra, accompanied by our chef, Filipe Silvestre, surrounds himself with the best professional talents and takes pleasure in welcoming apprentices. This demonstrates a commitment to passing on knowledge and training the professionals of tomorrow.